Study Session at Margot Molyneux: Ring Carving - Saturday, 20 July 2019

Study Session at Margot Molyneux: Ring Carving - Saturday, 20 July 2019

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Hello Cape Town!

Join us for a Saturday afternoon at the Margot Molyneux Studio sipping on bubbles whilst letting your creative juices flow making your very own dream ring!

What: This is all inclusive of a ring carving workshop, your very own silver ring, a healthy brunch as well as the casting and cleaning of your creation at R1 500.

When: Saturday 20 July, 2:30pm - 5:30pm

Where:  Margot Molyneux Studio, 69 Roeland Street. Cape Town.

How it works:
1. Receive a piece of special jewellers wax and begin carving your own unique ring
2. Indulge in this experience and let your creative juices flow. But most of all, have fun!
3. Your design will be sent off to be cast and finished professionally. This will take a maximum of 3 weeks
4. Unbox the product of your creativity!
What can you expect from this workshop experience?
  • Learn about the art of lost wax casting 
  • Develop wax carving techniques
  • All tools will be supplied
  • Wax width approximately 4-5mm
Should you wish to customise your ring even further, take a look at our extras menu below:
  • Yellow gold plating: + R500 
  • Rose gold plating: +R600
  • To carve a second ring: + R600 
  • Wide ring upgrade to 7-8mm: + R400 
  • Wide ring upgrade to 10-11mm: + R800 
  • Additional mould of your ring: +R500
  • Setting is dependent on the size and shape of the stone as well as the type of setting: From +R100 (stones to be quoted pre-setting)
  • Engraving: From +R200 (quote design dependent)